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About Us

Data Discovery

We at Hanzo Labs can show how unstructured data can be transformed into a valuable input into decision making. We present an enormous opportunity to make organizations more agile, more efficient and more competitive.

We will identify data sources, both internal and external, likely to provide valuable information for specific analytical use cases, or for general enterprise applicability.

Providing Insights

We validate the solution of business problems with insights available from your data. For instance, we might evaluate enterprise work order data for its ability to help understand equipment failure, generating hypotheses around the relationship between training, equipment condition, and maintenance outcomes. We bring the power of Apache Hadoop to the enterprise with application accelerators, analytics, visualization, development tools, performance and security features.

Mathematical Modeling

We design, build and evaluate mathematical models to enable scoring, prediction, categorization and other workloads. We also implement model management strategies, encompassing storage, version control, and deployment services. As part of a mature solution, we design and implement model audit trail and compliance strategies.

Application & Design Prototyping

From mock-ups through pilots and production, we build application interfaces such as dashboards or embedded capabilities in other applications (e.g. dispatch apps for fleet management), using advanced visualization capabilities. We emphasize providing key functionality at an early stage, ensuring early validation of the core application value. Capture and analyze all data, all the time, just in time. With stream computing, store less, analyze more and make better decisions fast.

Data Visualizations

Visualization is important throughout an engagement to bring understanding and life to the underlying data science. We can build both custom and tool-based data visualizations that enable exploration and communication of data and insights. At early stages we provide rich mock-ups that help build understanding with the parts of the business the work is designed to support.

Data Profiling

Descriptive profiling and generation of summary statistics for data sources enables us to understand variance, sparseness, and other critical characteristics. We will evaluate data for hygiene and its utility in helping diagnose problems or predict outcomes. Stream Computing: Efficiently deliver real-time analytic processing on constantly changing data in motion and enable descriptive and predictive analytics to support real-time decisions.

About Us

Training Into Mastery - Our Unique Program

Big Data - Hadoop + Scientist

We understand that the strength of any company is its employees. At Hanzo Labs we ensure that all our employees be it recruiters, Consultants or HR personnel are on par with the current technologies in the market by providing them tailor-made training programs on a regular basis. We also offer training programs that are specifically designed for academic students and budding professionals.

The Process

Hanzo Labs has been a pioneer in technical and recruiter training programs and successfully trained a number of candidates in the cutting edge technologies .We also understand that communication plays a key role in a candidate's success hence , the candidates are also provided extensive training to improve and strengthen their oral and written communication skills. These training programs are very unique and designed to cater to the needs of the individual candidates.

These training programs highly differ from the regular training programs in that the students are provided one-on-one guidance from real professionals throughout the training program be it recruiting or development and also provided a taste of working in the real world by access to real-time projects. The students are provided access to online training modules that they can access from anywhere using an id/password. Assessment tests are provided at the end of each module, which enables the student to get a clear picture of his understanding of the module. This guides the student identify the modules that he has to lay more emphasis on.

Another unique feature of our training Program is that the training modules are created not by some external agencies but by our own Hanzo professionals, hence the concepts are precise and target on the needs of the professional world.

Both of our Recruiter and Technical training program training program is divided into the following three phases:

  • Phase 1: Orientation - A brief introduction about Hanzo Labs and our products.
  • Phase 2: Technical Training and Assessment - Students are provided with online course modules with assessment tests at the end of each module; one-on-one guidance is provided throughout this training period.
  • Phase 3: Communication Training and Hands on-Experience - This phase covers the essential communication training and the students are also provided with hands-on-experience with real time projects to give them an insight of working in the professional world.
  • Benefits

    Upon successful completion of our training program the students:

    • Acquire Technical Expertise in the subject matter
    • Gain self-confidence to take up the job challenges of the professional world
    • Become equipped with excellent communication skills
    • Become marketable in the real-world


    Course Contents:

    • Introduction and Motivation of Hadoop
    • Understanding Hadoop Distributed File System
    • HDFS Shell Commands
    • Accessing HDFS using API
    • Map Reduce Programming
    • MapReduce Continued
    • Secondary Sorting
    • Joins
    • Practical development
    • Introduction to PIG
    • Introduction to HIVE
    • SQOOP
    • Flume
    • R
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Analytics

    You can download the Big Data syllabus here Download