A simple, easy to use, online skill evaluation Solution

Is your current skill evaluation & organizational learning system

  • Costing you a lot of Administrative expense ?
  • Requiring a lot of Human Resource ?
  • Taking a lot of your valuable time ?

If your answer is "yes" to any one of these then, its time you switch to a better alternative "E2Xam"

Why E2Xam?

  • Fully Automated Web based test software

  • Built-in question Bank

  • Intuitive & Flexible Exam Format

  • Facility for creating/editing questions

  • Ease of Use & Navigation

  • Customizable Features

  • In-built timer

  • Instant Automatic Validation

  • Facility for student feedback collection

  • No downloads/ Plug-in required


Why Hanzo Labs?

Decades of expertise in HR processes

Makes sure you are using the best practices

Flexibility to provide the latest in HR technology

Makes your budget an investment into the future

Minimum customization , clarity in requirements

Solutions from 'Small and Medium' HR professionals for 'Small and Medium' HR professionals that fit your needs well

Multiple business models to suit your cash flow needs

Low cost partnership