Product Knowledge

HL Consulting has implementation experience with all of the SAP Retail modules and can evaluate and recommend them for your specific project. Our detailed knowledge of a wide range of retail implementations in Fashion, Grocery, Generla Merchandising, wholesale etc lets us recommend what is best for your project and organization, delivering quality results.

HL Consulting has in-depth knowledge in the following Retail modules:

  • Core Retail Merchandising: Master Data (Article, Site, Vendors, Merchandise Hierarchy, Article Hierarchy set-ups, Characteristics, Bonus Buys, Promotions)
  • SAP Retail - Price Planning Workbench
  • SAP Retail - Assortment, Listing and Layout Modules Management
  • SAP Forecasting and Replenishment
  • SAP Retail - Merchandise and Assortment Planning
  • SAP - AFS ( Apparel and Footwear)
  • SAP Grocery Retailing
  • SAP Retail Cross Channel Order Management
  • SAP POS (Point-Of-Sale)
  • SAP Retail Procurement/WM - Direct, Indirect, Consignment, VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory), DSD - (Direct Store Delivery), WM Operations
  • SAP Retail - PMR (Promotion Management)
  • SAP CAR 1.0
  • SAP Retail Suite on HANA

Implementation Expertise

HL Consulting has tremendous experience in implementing Retail Suite for clients in Apparel Fashion, General and Grocery Retailers and Distribution (VMI) industries. SAP for Retail offers several robust functionalities which integrates end-end retail processes and with the release of HANA and suite on HANA, now retailers can run faster and much agile operations to stay ahead of the game. We adopt a showand tell implementation methodology which cuts overall timeframe and realize quicker go-live. We bring vast experiences from our past go-lives and production support projects and have refined our solutions to address some of the complexitie s managing BIG DATA.

Maintenance and Support

All the business requirements cannot be achieved with the help of standard product. As per our approach, the customization should be taken up as a last resort, because the amount of time and money to customize the product the subsequent maintenance should be worth the investment. Our extensive experience and special expertise in Retail Suite helps in finding the work arounds and to avoid customization to the maximum possible extent. Our knowledge of SAP Internals, technical expertise along with the various domain experiences, we strongly feel that the customization that we suggest and create will be fool proof and scalable with the future changes in product and business process.


HL Consulting also offers a new dimension to Business Process monitoring and optimization where our clients are introduced to operations control center concept where in which running a support organization takes the form of almost running a factory. Visually our clients can monitor end-end processe, proactively foresee the issues as they occur which in-turn helps them remediate before further escalation. Also this helps them assess down-stream process impacts to control and stabilize the business operations. Raal-time monitoring of Applications and 3rd part, interfaces significantly reduces any down-time by monitoring via centralized control center.


Knowledge of both SAP and other industry leading solutions in their respective areas is required for a successful implementation. HL Consulting has successfully integrated SAP Retail with 3rd party systems like POS(EPICOR, Retalix), WM - Manhattan, JDA, Intactic Space, Demand Forecast Management, Revionics Markdowns management, Sign and Label systems etc . Retail processes are executed 24/7 and we understand the critical needs of tight integration with built-in fail safe and recovery mechanisims especially with Sales data, Orders and inventory data.

Professional Services

HL consulting also offers post implementation support with our consultants working both onsite and offsite depending on the client's business requirements. We are skilled in maintaining the customizations, providing continuous functional support to the users, training the users with latest new features, resolving issues by working closely with SAP through OSS.

You can download the SAP syllabus here Download