Hanzo Lab's Consulting offers a variety of Staff Augmentation capabilities, providing experienced personnel to off-load, supplement or completely staff projects to meet your needs. Should your requirements change mid-project we also have the flexibility to accommodate those occurrences as well.

Our professionals enable you to undertake new projects and tackle new opportunities with greater efficiency, without compromising quality. We hire only experienced, industry-related domain experts who will be successful at understanding your business. Though we are experienced in other development methodologies we most often utilize Agile Development with an increasing focus on Scrum. Scrum also defines the role of Product Owner, who is most often a client employee that understands the needs of the business, helps to define and prioritize features (via user stories) and has a higher-level focus on Return On Investment of the overall project

Hanzo Lab's has invested heavily to become Agile and Scrum experts. Many of our Consultants are Scrum Master certified, have attended a variety of courses including at Agile University. In fact, we even offer Agile and Scrum training.

Hanzo Lab's can deliver Staff Augmentation for any IT solution

Hanzo Lab's core competencies are in the following technologies
  • Big Data consulting - Hadoop, Hive, Pig, noSQL etc
  • Business Analytics - OBIEE & Pentaho
  • Database (OLAP & Data warehouse) - Design, Development & maintenance - Oracle
    Standard, Enterprise Editions, RAC for 9i to 12c
  • Java & Mobile solutions - J2EE, Android, iOS
  • Quality management - Load testing & Stress testing
  • SAP ERP & HANA database - Retail, MM, eWM

We have strong domain expertise in the following industries and with our process
orientation and diverse technologies focus we can quickly staff for other segments as well:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Government - state, local / municipal & federal
  • E-Learning

For many companies, staffing and the whole process surrounding it is a necessary evil. Not only is this true for full-time employees but may be even more so for contract and temporary employees. At best this is a time consuming, involved process that is by far an inexact science

Hanzo Lab's delivers staffing services using a process based model - using a state of the art applicant assessment, tracking, scheduling and management system - it is still a science but this helps make it less inexact.

This system R-Lite is a next generation web based Talent Acquisition and Management solution that offers substantial added value to our clients, for our employees, and our suppliers while enhancing overall project predictability and quality


R-Lite is a web-based Human Capital Management solution providing several integrated modules, enabling all of the capabilities needed for Talent Acquisition and Management.

The primary modules include:
  • Client Management
  • Candidate Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Recruiter Management

Though each module provides a browser front-end and all of the benefits of a SaaS environment - off-loading IT, no infrastructure build-out, per user subscription - based licensing,
R-Lite was also designed for integration with in-house applications that you may want to share data with.

Very briefly, here is an overview of some of the key functionality by module
  • Think of Client Management as a specially designed CRM for HR/Recruiting departments. It is especially proficient at client evaluation and profiling yet is flexible enough to incorporate your specific requirements
  • Candidate Management provides the tools and functionality to make recruiters and the recruiting process more efficient, of higher quality and much more cost effective. Included are a job agent that enables setting of candidate-to-criteria matching and scoring of competencies, knowledge and skills (much more than simple keyword search). It has an intuitive scheduler and a well defined process for candidate on-boarding.
  • Visualize Vendor Management as your staffing vendor portal providing secure, restricted access only to those staffing vendors that you enable. Using this portal your authorized vendors can significantly reduce recruiting staff and administration overhead while expediting the hiring process. No more unsolicited or duplicate candidates with this process and no more incomplete communications to either candidates or staffing vendors
  • The Recruiter Module is primarily focused on tracking and providing detail on increasing recruiter performance. This is a centralized resource that enables assessment and evaluation of your recruiting staff, any outside recruiters and can provide data to compare results of one versus the other

R-Lite is an excellent, comprehensive Talent Acquisition and Management solution whether implemented in-part or in its entirety. R-Lite can be used by your in-house staff, by Hanzo Lab's for your Master Talent Management Services provider or by a combination of the two working in tandem

Architectural Benefits of R-Lite
  • Configurability : R-Lite provides greater program flexibility through configurable metadata, so that many Service Providers / Staffing Agencies can use separate instances of the same application code. This allows R-Lite to meet the different needs of each customer through detailed configuration options, while simplifying maintenance and updating of a common code-base
  • Multi-Tenant Efficiency : Multi-Tenant Efficiency signifies that a single program instance of R-Lite serves all Staffing Agencies. This approach enables more efficient use of server resources without any apparent difference to the end-user
  • Scalability : The term Scalability for R-Lite refers to the extent to which it can support and provide stable performance when the number of the users and scope of operations increases several fold. R-Lite has offers a tremendous amount of Scalability

Our recruiting process is binding, regarding our commitment to delivery, and involves four (4) levels of screening

  • Prime match of talent
  • Aptitude and communication screening
  • Technical evaluation - online exams - over phone / in-person interviews
  • Optional background and referral screening

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Join the data revolution. Companies are searching for data scientists. This specialized field demands multiple skills not easy to obtain through conventional curricula. Introduce yourself to the basics of data science and leave armed with practical experience extracting value from big data.

Commerce and research are being transformed by data-driven discovery and prediction. Skills required for data analytics at massive levels - scalable data management on and off the cloud, parallel algorithms,etc.,

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