Why HCMOne

A simple and easy to use Human Capital Solution for SME's.

Your most valuable asset is your people. With the right human capital management system, this valuable asset can be leveraged as a powerful source of growth, innovation, competitive advantage, and leadership of the future.

  • HCMone is a centralized low cost, structured and reliable HRM application.
  • HCMone is an innovative HR application that gives your company the ability to attract and retain a competent and expert workforce.
  • Access and share your company's critical information, and empower your employees and managers with a wide range of self-service capabilities.

Why Hanzo Labs?

  • Decades of expertise in HR processes
  • Follows industry best practices.
  • SME business specialist.
  • Hosted and low cost model.
  • Effectively come to the next level using our wide range of latest technology.
  • Makes your budget an investment into the future.
  • Multiple business models to suit your cash flow needs.
  • Low cost partnership

Return on Investment

Hard returns:

  • Streamline your entire HCM process

  • HR Processes help improve employee morale

  • Reduce unnecessary resource and time overheads spent on manual processes

  • Get close to your employees by communicating with them and managing right information

Soft returns:

  • Measure and improve resource performance and project handling

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Reduce your operational decision making time to concentrate more on strategic decision making