About Us

Hanzo Lab's Consulting can serve as your sole supplier for all staffing needs by taking on the responsibility of being your staffing supply chain; reducing your overall costs for administration and the time you have to dedicate to the resourcing process

Talent Management Services

Hanzo Lab's offers customized programs designed to provide your company with a Master Services Agreement that will streamline issues involving multiple vendors, pricing variations, co-employment exposure, and overall program performance responsibility. Our client's experience improved control, increased efficiency and overall reduced costs

Our Talent Management capabilities, combine leading edge technology based upon the R-Lite. Talent Acquisition and Management solution combined with our sourcing of seasoned professionals with proven service excellence to deliver innovative customer solutions. These programs minimize the total hiring costs while maximizing the value of service.

As the Master Talent Management provider, Hanzo Lab's assumes the overall responsibility of providing benefits that include:

We welcome the opportunity to provide your organization with an overview of Hanzo Lab's Master Vendor Services!

Talking the Same Language (just to be sure)

What is a master staffing vendor?

A single company that serves as the focal point for all or all of certain disciplines, i.e.; all outsourced/contract developer sourcing, hiring and assignment, usually coordinating the resources of multiple suppliers across all divisions/departments of the client company.

What is a master vendor agreement?

A Master Vendor Agreement is a single sourced contract working in partnership with secondary suppliers to manage the permanent and temporary recruitment needs of an organization.

How can we help you?

We can manage a number of agencies in their sourcing, hiring and assignment of candidates to fill all technical vacancies within your organization

As your Master Talent Management provider, Hanzo Lab's Consulting can:

  • Provide experienced, skilled staff
  • Institute a custom recruitment management process
  • Train and manage your authorized staffing vendors
  • Provide you with a single point of contact for your staffing needs
  • Utilize the capabilities of R-Lite to expedite hiring, reduce administrative overhead, manage the processes and the vendors, while significantly reducing your costs