Our vision is to have at our disposal an extremely qualified yet diverse set of resources to exceed your defined goals and yet be flexible enough to manage changes should they occur.

We deliver through well trained, highly qualified teams that are committed to results Because we know that repeat clients are the essence of our business our goal is to deliver more than expected, using proven processes and utilizing unique human capital management software that improves insights, provides timely information on all project details while increasing Hanzo Lab's success rate tremendously

We respect and place a heightened value on our client's needs while doing our utmost to deliver high-quality results, on schedule and within the allocated budget

  • Provide demonstrated value to our clients, so they will remain clients
  • Grow with our client's and growth for our employees
  • Value teamwork, where the team wins not the individual
  • Focus on doing a few things very well
  • A commitment to perfection

We believe in treating our clients, suppliers and employees with the integrity and respect that they deserve.

Through innovation, teamwork, dedication and well understood accountability we seek to increase productivity, contain our costs and provide tangible returns that are beneficial to both our clients and our employees.

Process... Practice...Perfection & in our Focus areas!

We firmly believe in processes in all phases of our business, whether it is in hiring the right people to staff projects or in the methodologies used to develop, test and assure delivery of high quality applications. We utilize Agile processes in some of our operational work (Remote Data Management) to assure quality and consistency. Finely honed processes also provide you assurances in our bids, our schedules and in our dealings with you; \we believe it's as important to have a process for communication (when, how and to who) as it is to have processes for UI testing.

Seeking out, testing and being dedicated to best practices helps to improve our predictability, increase our affordability and enable us to exercise and fine tune our expanding skill set.

Each client interaction, each hiring and assignment decision and each project completion provides us with the opportunity to assess our progress, evaluate our processes and harmonize our practices with an eye toward perfecting each step.