Remote Data Management

Economic downturns often result in operating at reduced staffing levels with the need for optimizing efficiency and effectiveness. Outsourcing portions of your data management functions to external experts can result in substantial savings without the loss of access to data or operational efficiency.

Outsourcing data management functions not only can ensure that they are carried out and managed by specialists but it gives you the flexibility to scale the services as your requirements change over time without the need to add to headcount internally. Outsourced data management services can be provided remotely further providing savings associated with software licensing, server hardware and data center infrastructure.

Hanzo Lab's provides a variety of Remote Data Management and Database related services including database architecture, development and a variety of level of management.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your data needs and see how Hanzo Lab's can enhance your IT environment, off-load your staff and/or improve use of data for both tactical and strategic purposes. Hanzo Lab's can manage your data (as described below) via secure remote access; we offer a variety of management services with you retaining your own data environment.

Remote Data Management


We will merge, reconcile and validate the data, perform audits and edits, and apply specified updates, patches and/or releases. We are experienced at handling very large and complex data files, providing the capability to import, store, manipulate and export a wide variety of data formats. Our staff are experts at establishing secure, scheduled processes for transmitting the updated data records back to the client in the desired format.


We can accommodate records from multiple sources, electronic and manual, public and private. Records can be received via e-mail, CD, floppy disk. FTP and other mechanisms as required.


Hanzo Lab's maintains a certified data center and can maintain multiple copies, in more than one location of client data, as necessary. We maintain maximum security and confidentiality throughout the process. Detailed activity, status, and statistical reporting are provided on a weekly or as needed basis.

Data Consolidation

We can consolidate multiple data feeds/streams of data, from multiple sources into a single merged data set on a scheduled basis. As a part of the process this newly merged set can be returned to you for incorporation into your master daily or on an as needed basis. Some consolidations are planned based on client financial schedules with weekly, monthly or quarterly data feeds being merged from disparate systems into a consolidated financial data set.

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Performance tuning
  • Backup and recovery
  • Physical and logical architecture
  • Data migration from different legacy
  • Production Support Services
  • Create repository
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Meta data analysis
  • Database re-engineering
  • Data loads and conversions

Data Entry

Data Entry is a time consuming, overhead impacting though necessary function that requires accuracy and organized processes. Coordinated with other data functions, data entry is often a function that is very conducive to being outsourced, being conducted not in real time and due to its lack of predictability, it is difficult to staff for using in-house resources.

Technology Migration

Technology Migration in the database world requires planning, mindful analysis of options/trade-offs needs careful understanding and coordination of staff skill sets. Technology migration is often delayed due to other higher priorities or lack of in-house expertise. The migration from legacy databases to more modern versions and/or from multiple databases to a single corporate standard can offer substantial benefits of both a tactical and a strategic nature.