For many companies, staffing and the whole process surrounding it is a necessary evil. Not only is this true for full-time employees but may be even more so for contract and temporary employees. At best this is a time consuming, involved process that is by far an inexact science. Hanzo Lab?s delivers staffing services using a process based model ?

using a state-of-the-art applicant assessment, tracking, scheduling and management system ? it is still a science but this helps make it less inexact..


A simple and easy to use Human Capital Solution for SME's. Your most valuable asset is your people. With the right human capital management system, this valuable asset can be leveraged as a powerful source of growth, innovation, competitive advantage, and leadership of the future.

Remote Data Management

A simple, easy to use, online skill evaluation Solution Is your current skill evaluation & organizational learning system Costing you a lot of Administrative expense ? Requiring a lot of Human Resource ? Taking a lot of your valuable time ? If your answer is "yes" to any one of these then, its time you switch to a better alternative " E2Xam "

Remote Data Management

iTrac from RoosterHR RoosterHR has a slew of open source products to help the community A simple to use, low cost Task and Project handling solution that helps you to delegate, schedule and track tasks, meeting your deadlines on time at the same time monitor employee performances. iTrac plans, designs, organizes, executes and optimize all your tasks with utmost efficiency.

Remote Data Management

Rooster360 from RoosterHR A Simple easy to use, Talent Acquisition solution from RoosterHR. Rooster360 helps you to make your Talent Acquisition process a truly strategic initiative and also help you make your Talent Acquisition process faster and of better quality